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Benefits of Fleet Graphics

Published 11 June 2024


Fleet graphic design is one way to ensure your business stands out on the road. This visual branding element applied to a company’s vehicles typically features the company’s logo, contact information, and occasionally other design elements or promotional information. They can be as simple as a decal or as complex as a full vehicle wrap.

Fleet graphics are popular for large corporations and small local companies. Here’s why:

1. Cost-effective Advertising

Fleet graphics are more cost-effective than other advertising mediums. Traditional forms of advertising like TV, radio or print ads can be expensive, especially for small businesses with a limited marketing budget. These traditional ad methods usually have a limited run-time, meaning the advertisement is only effective for a certain period. Fleet graphics provide a one-time investment opportunity. Once installed on your vehicle, it continues to advertise your brand for as long as it is on the road, with no additional costs. This longevity makes it an appealing and cost-effective method of advertising.

2. Targeted Local Advertising

As a company vehicle travels within the local community, the company’s branding is exposed to potential customers who are likely to be in the service area of the business. It therefore provides an excellent way to cultivate local recognition and visibility. Coupled with strategic design and clear messaging from the professional team of designers at EXBO, fleet graphics can be an incredibly effective, local advertising tool.

3. Mobile Branding

Fleet graphics are an opportunity for your company vehicle to become a moving billboard for your business. This is particularly useful for businesses that have vehicles frequently on the road as they are moving advertisements that can reach a wide audience of potential customers. Moreover, it provides a consistent branded presence in different locations, which promotes brand recognition. This extended reach and visibility allow you to expose your brand to a diverse audience and expand your customer base.

4. Non-Intrusive Advertising

Whereas online and broadcast advertisements can interrupt people’s activities, fleet graphics are a form of non-intrusive advertising. People on the road or pedestrians naturally see your branded vehicle without it interfering with whatever they are doing. This non-intrusive nature of fleet graphics can result in a more positive response from potential customers.

5. Creates Positive Brand Associations

Well-designed and professionally installed fleet graphics like those installed by EXBO, can create positive brand associations. Vehicles that carry eye-catching graphics can leave a positive impression on your business. It shows that your company takes pride in its image and is committed to professionalism. Creative and high-quality graphics can attract attention and improve your business reputation.

6. 24/7 Advertising

Unlike other advertising mediums that operate according to specific schedules, fleet graphics work 24/7. As long as your vehicle is visible – whether it’s on the road or parked – it’s advertising your business. This constant visibility increases your brand awareness and chances of attracting new business.


Clearly, fleet graphics offer a high return on investment. With professional fleet graphic design and installation services from EXBO, you can ensure that the work is of high quality to effectively communicate your brand and message.


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