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Indigenous Supplier Perth

Indigenous Supplier Perth

Trust in the legacy of Indigenous entrepreneurship to propel your business forward. Choose inclusivity, choose innovation, choose an indigenous supplier today.

Every day, indigenous people in Australia strive to achieve their goals, build businesses, and make an impact on the economy. As a result of historic oppression, indigenous Australians have faced an uphill battle when it comes to economic development and access to the resources required to succeed. 

By making use of an indigenous supplier like Exbo, you are taking action to support our indigenous brothers and sisters, by giving them the opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods. ExBo has a combined 120 years of history in creating print and signage solutions for government, industry and business. 

We’re about nurturing relationships, fostering cultural understanding and giving back to the community.


Our Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

We’re serious about sustainability, with current initiatives in place to ensure our operations are as eco-friendly as possible. As we respect the traditional indigenous connection with the earth, we aim to leave minimal environmental footprints.

Alongside, we’re constantly innovating, using the latest HP latex technology for more sustainable signage. We also offer substrates that are recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable. Striving to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re working toward paperless operations and energy-efficient practices.

We believe in protecting the environment for future generations, in line with indigenous values of stewardship.

Aboriginal people have only generally been a part of the economy in recent times. In acquiring majority of EXBO, enables First Nations People a unique and exciting opportunity to establish ourselves as business owners and employers.

“The positive influence of this venture will impact beyond just myself and family. This will not only create a platform for economic wealth but also lead to more First Nations People being employed and be skilled in the printing and graphics sector.”

Danny Ford – Chairperson EXBO


Supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurship

We offer a rich blend of cultural understanding, innovation, and tailored solutions. With us as your preferred supplier, you’ll not only enhance your operations, but also support indigenous entrepreneurship.


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