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OH&S Printing

We’ve been printing Occupational Health & Safety documents for as long as companies have cared about getting their team home safely after each shift. We are pretty proud of our role in helping to improving workplaces across WA with our high quality printed safety range. Having sound workplace health and safety is also a legal requirement to comply with government regulations.

We understand the environment that our safety printed collateral will be used in, so we make sure they are printed with high quality finishes so they last. Red dirt bring it on we say.

The safety requirements of every business is different, but we’ve explained a few of the most common safety documents that we can help with below.

Take 5 Booklets

Pocket sized and practical, Take 5 Books are a risk assessment tool with allows team members to complete real-time safety checks. Take 5s are a critical piece of the safety toolkit, encouraging good OH&S practices. The booklet sets out the 5 step process simple employees must undertake before commencing a potentially hazardous task or using hazardous equipment.

Prestart checklists

To make your workplace compliance with OH&S requirements, make sure that your equipment and operators are using prestart checklists. Either a pad or a booklet, these form an important part of the safety toolkit, holding operators responsible for checking and recording condition of equipment. This will help to identify safety risks due to equipment issues before they become a problem. Depending on your requirements, we can use NCR paper which will automatically copy the completed checklist to the sheet below for accurate record keeping.

Safety Tags

Safety tags are a key part of making your workplace OH&S compliant, while keeping the team productive. Also known as lockout tags, they are a well-known warning system that notifies employees of potential risks or hazards. Any workplace with equipment or processes that expose exmployees to risk or injury should have the relevant safety tags in stock. Our team can help you identify which safety tags you need in your workplace.

Training handbooks

The first rule of a training handbook that works is to make it easy to read and engaging. That’s where we can help, from design to printing on a high quality stock. Training handbooks can be adapted for any number of pages and finished to suit your needs.

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